Write Your First Chapter in One Hour

You know you have a story to share. Now is the time to write it.

Maybe you’ve always been a dreamer and are filled with characters and worlds waiting to be written, or maybe life has taken you on a journey and you’ve been waiting for the right moment to share your story of hope.

Even though you feel ready, you can’t seem to find the additional time to write because other commitments take priority.

You’re used to writing a 500-word blog post or even a 50-word email, and a 50,000-word book seems almost insurmountable.

You might have tried writing this story before, but time and time again you can’t get the traction you need to finish the manuscript.

You feel stuck with an unfinished manuscript, and a feeling of ‘I wish’ rather than being able to take action and move forward.

What if I told you it was possible? That you could get back on the road in as little as a week, that you could have a first chapter written in one hour!

You achieve your goal, without sacrificing your life and family in order to do so.

You increase your current impact and speak to new audiences, opening new avenues for speaking engagements and further writing.

You share your story to help, encourage, and inspire others.

Most of all you have a publishable manuscript ready to submit to publishers or that is ready to begin the self-publication journey. You get to say ‘I’ve done it!’

Welcome to Write your First Chapter in One Hour

My name is Imogen Hooley, and I am an editor and writing coach for writers just like you. 

Do any of these sound familiar:

· You feel guilty that you haven’t written in a while

· You’re worried that committing to a manuscript is too big of a time commitment

· You don’t know if you have the ability to write a whole novel

· You’ve tried to sit down and write your story so many times but have never made it past the title

By joining Write your First Chapter in One Hour you will:

· Have renewed clarity and motivation to push through those initial hurdles and get back to writing the story you were meant to share

· See the writing process in a whole new way

· Learn how to make the most of even the smallest chunks of writing time, so each and every time you sit down to write you will be making productive progress towards the book of your dreams

· Feel confident in your writing ability

· Have a solid draft of your first chapter and be ready to write the rest of your book

With Write Your First Chapter in One Hour you will also access insightful editing support that will set you up for writing success. 

Write your First Chapter in One Hour includes:

Write Your Own Blurb

Before the program begins, you will be given a brief assessment to complete and return to me. This will help me get to know your story and your background, which in turn will help me better support your writing process.

Write Well Fast

During this 60-minute Introductory Call you will learn how to write a successful chapter plan as well as techniques to help you write your first draft in one hour!

Write Now

This is your time to shine. Taking what you learned from your Introductory Call you will set aside one hour to sit down and write as much as you can. You’ll then send it straight back to me.

Editorial Review and Mark-up

During this stage, I will edit your draft and provide comments for revision and development.

Write On

We close out the program with a 45-minute Summary Call. Here you can ask questions about the editing process, learn how to strengthen your draft for the next revision, and most of all, receive professional advice on how and where to publish your final manuscript.

You’ll finish Write your First Chapter in One Hour feeling ready to tackle the next chapter of your book, and you’ll have the tools to maintain your motivation right to the final sentence.  

Your book deserves to be written. And you deserve the best support!

Feeling ready to write?

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Already have a rough draft of a book? Write your First Chapter in One Hour is the perfect place to gain motivation to continue the revision process. Rather than writing your first chapter from scratch, you will be asked to work on a revision during the writing portion of this program. You will also access training and editing support from me, and learn how the editing process will transform your manuscript.

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